Hi!  I’m Kayse, and I am a museon the loose!

I wanted to use this page to tell you a bit about myself and set up the premise for this blog.

In short:  I am a muse chasing a Muse! 

Let me explain…

To start with I should say I am a pretty unique girl–quirky, mysterious, artistic…

∞ Magical! ✩*

In my day job, I’m a physician–a very holistic physician, but a physician (MD, U of Michigan).  In my side job, I’m an artist.  In my side-side job, I’m an astrologer.  I’m in the mainstream in some ways and very much on my own path in others.  I LOVE to travel and explore new places.  I enjoy artsy, bohemian things as well as the occasional posh, luxury experience!  I’m generally an appreciator of the beauty of life–in all forms!!  I often think in a poetic, lyrical, or metaphoric style (you can check out my poetry here:  www.diaryofamysticgypsy.com), and I’m extremely fascinated by imagination and creativity.  I am generally not who or what people think I am.  I can fit into many different boxes and also really no box!  My entire life has been a quest to really know myself; and thus, in my work I try to help others do the same.

I’ve always been a dreamer, and I love to ponder where my dreams, fantasies, and ideas come from.  I’m extremely curious, especially about what I like to call “spiritual esoterica”.  For me, things that are difficult to explain are the most intriguing!  Synchronicities and little miracles happen in my life every single day, and I love to share my celebration of the magical and mysterious with others.  By playing the role of mystical muse I get to be a source of fabulous + fantastical inspiration…

It’s one reason I’m starting this blog!

Although I like to think of myself as a muse, I’m not THE Muse (capital-M).  The Muse is more like my role model!  “She” is a kind of ineffable, magical energy of spiritual and creative inspiration.  She is the answer to my question:  where do dreams come from?  When I am visited by an idea, a poem, daydream, or fantasy, I credit the Muse.  Is there really such a thing?  Well, who knows!?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe I’m just personifying my own creative process (quite possible)!   Or maybe she is Spirit and magic.  Either way, I love the idea of the Muse having her own consciousness!  I like to imagine her kind of sprinkling ideas onto me!  It’s much more interesting (and fun!) than just attributing my ideas to myself.  I do think “divine inspiration” happens, as many ideas seem to almost “arrive” from outside ourselves.  The Muse is one way to explain this.  It’s also a way to understand why sometimes artistic and creative people (especially writers and musicians) feel they’ve lost that creative spark…hit a “dry spell”…or have writer’s block.  They cannot find their ideas, their connection to Spirit.  They’ve lost the Muse!!  I know the feeling…

When the Muse gets in me, she takes right over!

Magic starts flowing, and logic runs for cover!

But sometimes…she leaves.  Where does she go?

I wish I knew!  I’m obsessed with the flow…

(Poetic moment … Okay, moving on!)  I’m not one to give up easily in life.  So, when the Muse departs I chase her.  And this means: I literally devote all the time I can to looking into my heart–seeking joy, passion, inspiration, BLISS…And following it!  Sometimes this could result in me staying home and journaling or making art for hours on end.  Other times I run for the Muse, hike for the Muse, or dance for the Muse.  In nature I seek her everywhere–in the moonlight, in the flowers, in the sea.  Often “chasing the Muse” means that I drive to a forest or the desert or the mountains…and just sit–thinking of nothing, waiting, listening for her voice

Usually the Muse seems to find me, rather than the other way around…  But that doesn’t stop me from trying!  Oh no.  I love the journey!!  Seeking the Muse, I tend to find bliss.  Following bliss, I may find the Muse!  It’s a spiral or even an infinity path, and I live for the quest…

Sometimes, when the Muse is especially elusive, I simply have to pack up my bags and ROAM for a while…for on the road is where (and when) I feel most at home.

In a way, chasing the Muse is how I find myself


Welcome to my adventure…

I hope it inspires yours!

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